Insect-A-Clear X-Fly Two Glue Board Fly Killer

Insect-a-clear X-Fly 2 (image)
X-Fly 2

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There are two models in the X-Fly range, the X-Fly 1 & X-Fly 2.

These stylish British made fly killers are ideally suited to being sited on top of wall cupboards or high flat surfaces such as kitchen cabinets, fridges, shelves, etc. leaving just the brushed stainless steel edge visible.

At just 4" high, the X-Fly offers an attractive, discreet solution fitting where other fly killers will not and adds an attractive glow from the energy saving, high attraction ultraviolet lamps.

Being flat, the glue board becomes a natural landing place for all kinds of different insects, trapping them and containing the pests.

The X-Fly 2 features 2 x 18 Watt energy saving lamps giving it an area of coverage of up to 140 sq.m.

  • 2 year warranty