Insect-A-Clear Nano G4 LED White

Insect-a-clear Nano G4 LED White (image)
Nano G4 LED White

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The new British made Nano G4 LED.

UK manufactured glue board fly killer machine for use in restaurants, kitchens, delicatessens, food shops etc. where flying insects create a problem.

Features two high output LED tubes with a performance better than conventional UVA lamps but consume less than half the power.

Fitted with black glue board and shatter resistant tubes as standard.

Designed for wall mounting, suspending or free standing.

Works on 110-240v 50-60Hz.

Up to 100 sq. metres coverage.

No more replacing expensive drivers after a few years as the driver is located in the lamp - changing the lamp changes the driver.

Dimensions: W 50 x H 35.5 x D 12 cm. (20 x 14 x 5 in).

5 years guarantee not including lamps or glue board.