Choosing The Best Fly Killer For Your Conservatory

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What is the best fly killer for conservatories?

This is a commonly asked question, to which there is no standard answer.

By their very nature, conservatories tend to be very light, airy rooms and this means that fly killers using ultraviolet light can perform very poorly during daylight hours.

The ultra-violet lamps, commonly used in electric fly killers, tend to be overwhelmed by the strength of ultra-violet present in natural daylight, meaning flies and other flying insects cannot see the lamp and are not drawn to the fly killer.

If you are already using this type of machine in your conservatory, then leaving it on 24 hours a day will help, as the insects will be attracted to it during the night. In an attempt to lure more insects to your machine, try putting some bait in the form of food actually inside your fly killer, can help with attracting the pests.

However, all is not lost as there are other methods that can be used to help combat the nuisance of flies:

  • Trapping flies before they enter the conservatory

    Using an outdoor fly trap can be a useful way of reducing the problem. Hanging outdoor fly traps a short distance away from the conservatory will have the effect of drawing the flies to the traps and away from the building.

  • Preventing flies from entering the conservatory

    To further reduce the amount of insects entering, a mesh door curtain acts as a useful barrier and will allow air through, whilst blocking the path of flying insects.

  • Trapping flies once inside the conservatory

    Inside the conservatory, there are a variety of measures that can be taken to deal with the unwanted pests. Should you not want anything permanently fixed in place, the Fly Discreet fly killer can give you a movable solution and can be disposed of when the fly control season is over.

    As an alternative to a UV fly killer, a good old fashioned sticky fly paper like the Fly Bell Fly Catcher or an updated, modern version of it such as the Fly Tower or the Big Flying Insect Stick can prove a real winner and again, can be disposed of when no longer required.

If all else fails (or you enjoy keep fit) there is always the simple fly swatter!