Choosing Fly Killer Tubes

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How do I choose replacement fly killer tubes/lamps?

To get the best performance from your fly killer tubes/lamps, consider the following facts:

  • For maximum protection, it is recommended that fly killers are left switched on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Insects do not see the colour of the tube, it is the UV or ultra-violet output produced they are attracted to
  • Whilst the tube continues to glow brightly to human eyes, the UV output deteriorates rapidly as the tube 'ages'

When the tube reaches approximately 8000 hours usage, the level of useful UV is negligible meaning that flying insects no longer find it attractive, so it is costing money to run but not attracting insects at all - definitely a no win situation.

It takes sophisticated equipment to test the UV output of a tube, so it is best to change the tubes annually, just before the main flying insect season starts around March/April time, to ensure the tubes are producing maximum attraction through peak season.

Sticking with established brands and reputable distributors is a good idea. Whilst a cheap tube may seem like a good idea its useful lifespan can be very short, sometimes as little as 2-3 months, ultimately making it an expensive option.

Lamp/Tube Identification Guide

UV Lamp Markings
Lamp Markings example

The fly control industry uses many different shapes, sizes and wattages of UV lamps. If you are looking for a particular lamp but are unsure which one it is, then the markings on the lamp may help.

Click on the image to see an example.

  • F15 - 15 Watts Power Rating
  • T8 - Lamp Diameter
  • 368 - Light Wavelength
  • BL - Black Light

What is a 'shatterproof' tube and when/why would I use it?

'Shatterproof' or 'shatter resistant' tubes have a plastic safety coating around the tube so that in the event of a breakage, the shards of glass are contained. This is especially important in food preparation and assembly areas.

It is important that the plastic used to shatterproof the tube allows the maximum amount of UV light through and that it doesn't discolour or deteriorate, due to continual exposure to the UV, as the tube ages.

Again, stick with established brands and reputable distributors to ensure reliable, efficient and quality products.

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