Getting The Best Results From Your Fly Killer

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How can I ensure that I'm getting the best performance from my fly killer?

Having bought a fly killer the next step is to install it in a suitable place to ensure it works efficiently.

Try to mount the unit in the darkest part of the room, away from competing sources of light, a common reason for fly killers performing poorly is due to insects being unable to 'see' the ultraviolet lights because of other light sources.

Never mount it in a window or doorway, flies will ignore it during the day but will be attracted in when it goes dark.

Avoid places where there is moving or hot air, such as next to extractor fans. flying insects do not like moving air currents and so will avoid the area, this also applies to hot air areas such as by cookers.

If you are using the unit in a loft space, try to mount it as centrally as possible, this will give the largest area of coverage.

During the months of the year that insects are a problem, leave the unit on 24/7, it will perform best when it is the only source of light and should you choose to use an ultraviolet fly killer in a conservatory or other very brightly lit area, make sure it is left on during the night to attract any resident flying insects.

Remember that access to the fly killer will be required periodically for maintenance such as emptying the dead insect bodies from the catch tray, changing the glue board or lamps.

Bearing these guidelines in mind will help you get the best from your fly killer, however it may still require some trial and error and a little patience before your ideal placement is found.

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