Agropharm Blitz Kits Poultry Mite Fix

Agropharm Poultry Mite Fix (image)
Poultry Mite Fix

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Poultry Mite Fix Kit contains 3 products:

  • a semi residual organic spray to treat all the roosting sites
  • a fumigation smoke generator to treat the entire coop
  • a natural dusting powder to treat the birds

Protector is a natural insect killer, biodegradeable, water based and ready for use against a wide range of insects. 300 ml trigger spray container.

Agrodust which contains only silicon dioxide, controlling insect pests by abrasion leading to dehydration and death. 50g container.

Midi Fumer insecticidal smoke generator penetrates cracks and crevices and gives a quick knockdown and kill. 11g container.

  • Poultry red mite is a major pest problem
  • Safe around children and pets
  • One kit per coop
  • Detailed instructions included